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Take care of your health

Foot health causing you problems

Feet - the microcosmos in the universe of your body. Feet are important and often ignored part of the body’s health system. Over 2000 years ago Chinese discovered the direct connection between the state of our feet and the overall health of the body. Feet happen to be the most utilized part of the body. That is why the foot massage is so pleasant.

Not having enough time for yourself

The problem is that most women don’t take care of their feet. Nails polish and peeling done are not enough. Grazed foot, blisters, distorted toes due to poor footwear choices. It all has a negative impact on your overall wellbeing. This is how the back problems start. Migraines. Lack of focus, strength and motivation. Impaired immunity to stress and illness.

If you don't take care of yourself, no one will

The truth is you don’t need that much to feel great. Do you know how many hours you spend in your shoes during the day? It is 10 - 14 hours on average. Which virtually is all the time you’re not asleep. That is why choosing the perfect fit shoes is so important for your you. Your health. Your wellbeing and mood. If you spend just that tiny bit more time on choosing the perfect fitting shoes, you will see the benefits shortly.

A secret

Not many people know that shoes has two sizes. 90% of people buy shoes based on the length of their feet. Whereas, every foot is different in term of the width. To make your foot comfortable in shoe, you need to choose your shoes based on the width as well. This is how you can avoid back pain and migraines. It can also stop that mood swings. Pamper your feet. Take a good care of them. Look after yourself

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