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Running marathon on heels, or why you are worse than a sportsman

I don’t know if you run. But everyone who runs long distance must’ve been in the shoe store, to fit the shoes to their feet. Everyone is placing feet differently and that is why there are three basic types. Outward, middle and inward. You can easily diagnose it yourself. Lift your shoes and check where the sole is the most run down.

Comfortable shoes need to be well fitted.

Now think. Comfy, soft and airy sport shoes and so much trouble to fit it just right to your foot. It makes you wonder why such a comfy shoes need so much fitting. At last you use them only short time daily. Though it is still very important . For your comfort, convenience and health. Now think how much time and effort do you actually spend to buy shoes you are using most of your life?

Little things delight the most.

Often we forget about the small things that have the tremendous impact on our everyday life. You think about what to eat. What to get to drink. Which care products to choose. But you are forgetting how huge impact on your health have the right fitting shoes. Shoes you are using every single day. You appreciate more sports shoes than heels in which you spend more time, which you use more often, longer and every day. A small change in the approach towards your daily shoes have the power to positively change your well-being and health. Little things bring the most joy.

Width of your foot.

It is just as with trousers. Will you buy jeans that have only one part of size right? Good in length. But what about waist? You need to take both sizes into consideration. The length of trousers and the waist width. It is the same with shoes. One thing is foot length, but the width is also very important. To fit shoes perfectly to your feet, always remember about the width size. If your shoes are too tight, the blood circulation will be compromised. This will lead to the tired and painful feet quickly. Too big shoes on the other side is causing cramps. That’s because you need to stretch and contort the foot to keep the shoes on. Both cases are really uncomfortable and create pain. That is why you need to take better care of yourself. Look after your wellbeing. Create your health. Buy shoes that are the perfect fit for your and your needs.

It is investing in better You, healthier You and happier You.

Get the perfect fit shoes now.


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