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Bad smell when you take your shoes off?

Are you wondering how to remove this bad smell from your shoes? Probably every second person was or still is dealing with a suddenly appearing unpleasant smell. So the most important question is  how do you remove smell from your shoes without affecting your life and relationships? How to do it quickly?

Certainly at the beginning you need to determine the cause of such a smell, and then try to eliminate it. There is many things than can cause the smell, it may be that your feet are sweating, if sweat goes on shoes, the smell of shoes will intensify. We should take some steps so that our feet do not sweat so much, if we don’t do anything with it, our sweat from our feet will go to the soles of our shoes every time we wear it and every time our feet sweat so that the unpleasant smell will be stronger and stronger and also unpleasant.

Here are some ways that help you get rid of this nuisance. Which of them will be the most effective for you and your bad smell from shoes must be checked in person.

Tea bags take out the smell:

To remove an unpleasant smell, it must be neutralized or absorbed. Dry tea bag is an excellent deodorizer. Just a dozen or so bags of fresh tea put inside the shoes and leave there overnight. If the unpleasant smell appeared suddenly and is not very intense, this treatment will quickly help. You should wake up to shoes that have nothing to do with bad smell and that smell like this bad smell has never been there.


Pieces of charcoal should be put into a bag of densely woven material and with it inside the shoe. It will perfectly absorb the smell.

WARNING! be careful not to soil the interior of the footwear, because you can stain the inside of the shoe so that it may not be cleaned. Also, we should not crumble them into tiny pieces because if we accidentally spill a little, then we will have a problem with pulling them out and if we do not pull everything out, then when they are worn, they will put us in crutches.

Activated carbon shoe insoles:

Insoles with active carbon help fight excessive sweating. They absorb an unpleasant smell, regulate perspiration, providing feet with a dry environment, thereby reducing the level of bacteria and fungi, which keeps them constantly fresh.

Cat compound:

Another effective way to get rid of the smell is the so-called cat compound that you can buy in any pet shop. Fill the shoes with a clean wad and leave them overnight. It is a product prepared to absorb both liquids and smell, and its somewhat non-standard use is most commendable.

If you have a cat, then you should put shoes filled with a wad in a closed box, so that your cat does not have access to them because it may not end up well to your shoes.

Baking soda:

It is a preparation that absorbs smell, but also helps to fight bacteria, the presence of which in your footwear contributes to the unpleasant smell of sweat. Very effective and preventive method. The problem may be that soda should be poured into the shoes and removed after a few hours, which is quite difficult to get rid of it thoroughly, you can use a vacuum cleaner equipped with a small nozzle, such as for vacuuming furniture or books.

The insole is made of natural materials:

When we buy plastic shoes, we will use them for some time, we will not throw them away immediately, although they are the cause of the unpleasant smell. Instead, you can peel off the original insole and replace it with a new one made of natural materials, e.g. wool, cotton or real leather. It's good to buy a few of these inserts and change them often, and simply wash the used ones.

Lemon and sage:

Finely chopped lemon zest and sage herb are put into prepared linen or canvas bags. The bags are placed in the shoes overnight. Lemon peel absorbs fragrances well, giving off a pleasantly fragrant essential oil. Dry sage also smells nice, but also has antibacterial properties. This is not only a way to remove smell, but even to flavor shoes.

Every day different shoes:

When we suffer from excessive sweating of the feet and we know that this is the reason for the unpleasant smell of shoes, after each use the shoes must be disinfected and dried. This will inhibit the processes of smell. But used shoes often do not have a chance to dry properly, unless we use special heaters. That is why it is worth having a second pair of training shoes, sneakers, etc., which can be put on your feet the next day without checking if they have dried completely. After removing the shoe, you can wipe with alcohol inside, which will kill bacteria.

Hygiene and herbs:

You have to take care of sweating feet regularly. Therefore, at least once a day, wash them thoroughly and wear socks only from natural materials or you can change socks threw a day. Sweating will stop the daily soaking of feet in herbal decoctions, e.g. from sage, oak bark, walnut, lavender. The treatment should last about 20 minutes. Such baths stop the development of fungi, and above all have antibacterial properties, they also inhibit the secretion of sweat.

Specialist preparations:

There are many preparations on the market that specialize in "handling" feet and shoes. Among them are ointments, powders, foot deodorants. There are also shoe deodorants and electric dryers. The latter are more often advertised as a way to soak outside. but they will also be effective in excessive sweating of the feet.

Ending this topic, remember that to avoid bad smell of your shoes a very important element is the right choice of footwear:

  • If you have a problem with excessive sweating, avoid "plastic" footwear
  • Sweating also appears due to wearing artificial socks (they intensify sweating and permanently store an unpleasant smell, which the washing does not remove)
  • Avoid walking all day in shoes with artificial, impermeable fibres, failure to maintain foot hygiene is also the cause of unpleasant smell

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