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How to choose the right socks

How to choose the right socks for your outfit:

Too many people ruin their good looks by choosing the wrong socks. Bad or worse, worn, washed socks can completely destroy more than one styling.

This problem mainly affects men, because they have this element of clothing inscribed in almost everyday outfit. We must realize that when choosing socks for the wardrobe, we should be guided by the cut and colour of jeans, and certainly footwear.

The first basic rule is the fact that white terry socks are reserved only for the gym, for sports shoes! This should be remembered by every man, abandoning white socks forever! Even with jeans, you can definitely wear cotton socks, black.

Another problem is the selection of socks for casual pants. Light, linen, light pants should be treated extremely carefully. We combine them with socks very carefully matched the colour to the colour of pants. In the case of brown shoes, which, moreover, for light, bright pants are much more suitable than black, we can be tempted to choose socks for the colour of shoes. A little more difficult choice are more and more often available patterned socks. For this type of socks, use the base colour instead of the pattern colour on the socks. It may not be easy but in the casual style it can bring a really spectacular effect. However, in each of the examples given, socks should not be brighter than pants.

For short summer pants, we wear naturally light shoes such as moccasins or sandals, to which absolutely no socks are worn!

As for the suit, only suggest the colour of the footwear. Black shoes, black socks. Brown shoes, brown socks. Perfect in the same shade, possibly darker than shoes.

Let's also remember that the better the cotton grade from which the socks are made, the longer they will retain their original colour and shape, which will last longer. However, this does not change the fact that each, even the best and often not the cheapest socks should be replaced after several dozen washes.

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