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Even the best-fitting shoes need time to spread.

How to spread new shoes?

You just bought a pair of beautiful and elegant shoes. You can't wait to put them on. However, a few hours later you are only dreaming about taking them off. Instead of biting your teeth and waiting for the abrasions to heal, stretch out your new shoes before going out. Remember that even the best-fitting shoes need time to spread.

Do not go out in new shoes immediately after buying them. You will only torture your feet. Spread shoes gradually, walking around the house for a short while every day. It will protect you from irritation by putting on socks under your shoes or moisturizing your feet and powdering them with talc.

Lightly rub the sole of the shoes with sandpaper. You will not slide and your shoes will not creak on a smooth surface. At the same time, reduce the friction of the shoes on the feet by inserting the insole or putting on special cotton "feet".

Stretch your shoes. It shouldn’t destroy them. Soften them by rubbing them into the material from which they are made a little alcohol. Gently massage the material until it becomes softer.

It is safer to spray expensive shoes with a foot stretching spray. The spray works fairly quickly, however you should be careful as spray by contacting with your skin may cause allergies.

Shoes very little susceptible to breaking can be soaked in warm water. After a few minutes, take them out from the water and put them on. Wet material is much more prone to conforming to the foot than dry.

Some shoes cannot be soaked in water. In such cases, the best (though not the fastest) way to spread them is to use a wooden board to stretch the footwear.


  • Always check that the shoes can be exposed to water or stretching sprays.
  • When you wet your shoes, do so only for a few minutes. If you forget about it, you can completely destroy their firstborn shape!

How to stretch the shoes in your toes?

You bought shoes. They are the most beautiful in the world, have the perfect colour, cut and are basically even comfortable. Substantially. In fact, they mercilessly squeeze you around your toes and it drives you crazy. You shouldn’t worry about it as there are ways to remedy this. There is a simple and effective way to stretch your shoes.

Prepare two larger string bags and half fill them with water. Close them well, trying to release as much air as possible inside them. Make sure they are not leaking.

Insert one bag into each shoe and push it towards the tip. The water will adapt to the shape of the shoe, which will facilitate the whole task. Remember - the bags must not leak, we don’t want our shoes to get wet.

Put shoes in the freezer and leave overnight. If they are not new and clean, put them in the carrier first.

In the morning, break the ice, push the bags deep into the shoes again. Put them all day and night in the freezer so that they stretch a little further.

After taking out shoes from the freezer, immediately remove the ice bags from them (if necessary, crush the ice with a knife). We should be careful as if under the heat from our hands the ice melts the shoes may get wet and get damaged.

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