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11 ways for uncomfortable shoes

Shoes are an item of clothing that cannot be missed. Flat or high-heeled sandals or sneakers, stable or slippery. In fact, each of us has some problems with shoes. They often cause painful abrasions, bruises, and are often simply uncomfortable. However, we won't leave the house without shoes. What to do to make wearing shoes easier?

So the flip-flops don't chew:

Flip-flops are extremely useful and functional shoes. Check out when going out to the pool, you can wear them on hot days, and also use them as comfortable slippers for walking around the house. All applications, however, share one dark side of the flip-flops. Plastic straps love to stick to the skin and cause painful abrasions.

To prevent this, cover the plastic strips with a layer of soft fabric.

When the shoes are slippery:

Slippery shoes are a chore. All you need is a smooth surface or a bit of rain or dew to lose your balance... which may not end up good for you. However, there is an effective way to pretend it.

Wipe the sole gently with sandpaper. In this way, even the most slippery shoes will prove to be tamed.

How to withstand in high heels:

High heels are beautiful, every women loves them with their whole heart. They fit almost any stylization. However, those who do not wear them every day may have a problem when the situation forces to stay in high heels for a long time.

All you have to do is stick the third and fourth finger (counting from the largest) and you can dance in high heels all day and all night.

That the shoes wouldn't creak:

Sometimes, after prolonged use of footwear, we hear a clear sound with each step. This can be caused by rubbing the insole and the inside of the sole.

To prevent this, take a baby backfill, gently bend the insole and fill a thin layer backfill. The creaking should stop straight away.

That no blisters will form:

Before the new shoes adjust to the foot, they can cause painful abrasions and blisters.

To prevent them, take a colourless stick deodorant and lubricate both your foot and shoe where it hurts most. It will give a smooth surface, thanks to which the shoe will not rub the skin.

Stretch shoes with professional equipment:

When it turns out that your shoes are too tight, we don’t always want to go and exchange them or sometimes we just haven’t got time for that. You can try to gently stretch them.

To do it in a professional way, go to the shoemaker or get a special "hoof" for stretching shoes. You can buy them in good shoe stores or online stores. Remember to always follow the instructions so as not to damage the footwear.

Stretch shoes at home:

If you do not want to invest in specialized equipment, and you are not in the way of a shoemaker, you can try to stretch your shoes at home.

Sprinkle them gently with water and stuff with old newspapers. Leave it on for at least 24 hours. Check from time to time to see if the shoes are dry. If so, sprinkle them with some defects again. Wet skin is easier to shape.

Change the boots:

Check from time to time to see if the boots in your shoes need to be replaced. Long use of shoes makes the boots wipe, which means that the shoe may not be as comfortable as before. In addition, if it is unevenly worn, it can lead to ankle injury.

You can change fleas yourself, using ready-made overlays and a hammer, or give it to a shoemaker to repair shoes.

So that your foot doesn't slip in your shoes:

When the insole is made of slippery material, it can cause the leg to slide out of the footwear. If your shoes are full, you will only end up having pain in your toes. It's not that easy with sandals. To prevent shoes from slipping, simply buy ready-made non-slip insoles or make them yourself:

Take a piece of durable and natural material, trace the shape of the foot and glue the insole to the inside of the shoe. Remember not to make insoles made of artificial material, because on hot days, it can cause burns.

Something for a nice smell:

If you feel that your shoes don't smell good, you may feel uncomfortable (You can find an article on our blog about how to get rid of bad smell in many different ways).

To remedy this, take used express tea bags, dry them thoroughly and put them in your shoes for a few hours (preferably overnight). After this time, the unpleasant smell will disappear without a trace.

Shorten your heels:

High heels are not very healthy for our feet and spine. However, it is hard to resist beautiful looking heels. If your shoes turn out to be too high, you don't have to bother with them. You can try to shorten the heel. Although the change in heel height will not be too great, it can give your feet significant relief. Leave the heel shortening for professionals, because they will best choose the right height. Remember that it is easier to shorten the heel than to add it if you cut too much.

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