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Disordered toe in the shoe

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The solution to bunion problem

Embarrassing and painful problem that impacts many women. Which one of us wouldn’t love to have beautiful feet? Wonderful nails. Smooth skin. We envy magazine's photos. TV Commercials. And we feel gloom thinking of our feet. But the worst thing is the pain caused by deformity of the big toe. Creams, massages and exercising doesn’t bring expected relief. It is too late.

Big problem of the big toe.

Deformed toe is a nightmare. The pain can be debilitating. It looks awful. It’s embarrassing to show it off on a beach. Lower self - esteem. And it all only because of the wrong fitting shoes! Many women wears heels. The way they are made causes sliding down in the shoe. This brings the whole body weight to be beared on the big toe of the foot. This is an enormous burden on the big toe joint. Spending whole day in the shoes like that creates micro - damages. The consequence is deformed big toe and bunions.

Second size

There is a way to prevent bunions forming. Not many people use it though. This is because usually shoe shops are selling you shoes based on the length of your foot only. It makes you wonder why, since people have a very different shapes of feet. This is why you should put particular emphasis on choosing the shoes on the basis of your foot width. When you buy your shoes you only look if the length fit. If they seem to tight fitting we say - I will break into them while using. But there are shoe specialists, who offer shoes in a different widths as well. This is the simplest thing you can do to prevent your feet from deforming.

Single decision.

Only one decision separates you from beautiful feet, painless evenings and peace of mind. Choosing the shoes that are perfectly fitting in length and width will decide if you suffer with bunions or not. Don’t ignore this problem. Save yourself years of suffering and decide now. See how it feels to have perfectly fitting shoes. It is investment in your health and beauty that will benefit you for years to come. Take care of yourself.

Join thousands of women, who know how to take care of their well being.

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