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How to choose the right socks

How to choose the right socks for your outfit: Too many people ruin their good looks by choosing the wrong socks. Bad or worse, worn, washed socks can completely destroy more than one styling. This problem mainly affects men, because they have this element of clothing inscribed in almost everyday outfit. We must realize that when choosing socks for the wardrobe, we should be guided by the cut and colour of jeans, and certainly footwear. The first basic rule is the fact that white terry socks are reserved only for the gym, for sports shoes! This should be remembered by...

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Even the best-fitting shoes need time to spread.

How to spread new shoes? You just bought a pair of beautiful and elegant shoes. You can't wait to put them on. However, a few hours later you are only dreaming about taking them off. Instead of biting your teeth and waiting for the abrasions to heal, stretch out your new shoes before going out. Remember that even the best-fitting shoes need time to spread. Do not go out in new shoes immediately after buying them. You will only torture your feet. Spread shoes gradually, walking around the house for a short while every day. It will protect you from...

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11 ways for uncomfortable shoes Shoes are an item of clothing that cannot be missed. Flat or high-heeled sandals or sneakers, stable or slippery. In fact, each of us has some problems with shoes. They often cause painful abrasions, bruises, and are often simply uncomfortable. However, we won't leave the house without shoes. What to do to make wearing shoes easier? So the flip-flops don't chew: Flip-flops are extremely useful and functional shoes. Check out when going out to the pool, you can wear them on hot days, and also use them as comfortable slippers for walking around the house....

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Bad smell when you take your shoes off? Are you wondering how to remove this bad smell from your shoes? Probably every second person was or still is dealing with a suddenly appearing unpleasant smell. So the most important question is  how do you remove smell from your shoes without affecting your life and relationships? How to do it quickly? Certainly at the beginning you need to determine the cause of such a smell, and then try to eliminate it. There is many things than can cause the smell, it may be that your feet are sweating, if sweat goes...

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How to buy shoes online

How to buy shoes online Buying shoes online is difficult for many people or often is frightening. Some people are afraid to be deceived, others prefer to try on shoes before buying them because the size is not always equal to the size. More demanding people would also like to know the material from which the shoes are made or what they are like in touch, that's why stationary shopping is easier for them, however, the technology develops so that even without touching we can get to know a lot about the shoe or see its quality exactly. Website If...

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